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We build custom mobile apps for businesses and people.

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Desktop Apps

We build desktop software for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Web Apps

We build websites, e-commerce sites and custom web applications.

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We Take Care Of All The Details

enabling you to focus on your concept


We Will Bring Your App To Market

Whether it’s in-app purchases or a price tag on the app store, monetizing your app is the crucial ingredient for success in the app business.  At Sphere 10 Software, we know what works and what doesn't.  We know the best ways to integrate payment models into your app and we will bring your app to market taking care of all the details from A to Z.

We Build Apps Fast

Since most apps are similar in many ways, chances are we already have components available to rapidly assemble your app. At Sphere 10 Software, we maintain a vast library of reusable components that we can re-use in your app. This means you save money and we spend more time focusing on the core of your idea.

We build the same app for all the platforms sharing 90% of the code between them. This means you essentially get one app that runs natively on all the platforms.
Our component-oriented approach to software development means your app can be easily updated and upgraded as your business evolves.
Forget endless bugs and ugly screens that just don't work. Our vast experience means your app is done right the first time.

We Integrate Into The Cloud

Need to track usage of your app? Sell digital consumables to users? Manage content for users of your app? Whether it's a simple Parse back-end or a custom built server, Sphere 10 Software will develop the right back-end for your app. 

We can integrate into a Mobile Back-end as a Service provider such as Parse or FireBase so that you never have to worry about data-storage again.
We can build an azure-based solution so that your infrastructure scales automatically with your user base.
Custom Server
We can build and host a custom server for your app. This gives you full control over every aspect of the back-end.

App Building Process


No Outsourcing
We do not outsource any development. We deliver higher quality products faster and cheaper using using local talent.
You own your code
Your app belongs to you. We make your sure your Intellectual Property is secured in a source control system you can access at any time.
Take Action Now!
Now is the time to bring your idea into the market place. The App Market is still growing and opportunity for success abounds.

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