About Us


Sphere 10 Software is a privately-held company specializing in software development. We are based in Brisbane, Australia and have been in operation since 2005.

Our team includes skilled architects, engineers, and designers. We specialize in creating mobile platforms that support native Android and iOS applications, as well as the back end cloud systems necessary to make them fully functional. We maintain our cutting edge knowledge of the fast changing Android and iOS platforms as well as cloud services that support ASP.NET cloud app deployment.

Our specialty skills include offline apps, data synchronisation and form/workflow based apps. Contact us if have you have a need we can satisfy in this area. 


Our agile approach to development gives us the flexibility necessary to create truly unique solutions. During development, you will see scheduled progress and have the opportunity to provide input. Our practices emphasize collaboration and continued evaluation, because we believe that developing a great app begins with building a great relationship. 


We bring mobile app systems to market for our clients. Your business might require an app as part of your growth strategy. That current app requires additional features and functionality, or perhaps you have an idea for the next greatest app. Whatever the case, we work with you and your team to determine exactly what is needed and where in the product lifecycle we should step in. One of the keys to creating a successful mobile app is understanding your business objectives and identifying the appropriate strategy up-front to achieve those objectives. With Sphere 10 Software's services, we make this easier than ever to define your goals and objectives.


Because of our knowledge and experience we offer much more than development services, we offer uncommon knowledge of how to blend the functionality of mobile systems with our technical capability and market knowledge to bring to life useful, functioning systems that exceed the demands of “mobile first” or “mobile expansion” strategies.
Our thorough understanding of the mobile marketplace allows us to provide leadership where its needed. In the end you’ll have a product that is both functional and elegant.