Pascal Coin

PascalCoin is a next-generation crypto-currency invented by Albert Molina in May 2016. Sphere 10 has recognised the significant innovation of the Molina-SafeBox model Blockchain and is building Layer-2 solutions on-top of it. Currently we have allocated 3 developers to improve the Layer-1 infrastructure (wallet, protocol, APIs, etc) with Albert overseeing this effort. Once completed, Sphere 10 will develop decentralised Layer-2 applications utilising PascalCoin’s Layer-1 transactions as a transport protocol.

Along with marketing and community outreach, Sphere 10 has also contributed the groundbreaking innovation of Infinite Scaling to PascalCoin, making it the first truly deletable blockchain. Infinite Scaling allows PascalCoin to delete the blockchain after 100 blocks yet retain the cryptographic security of the entire blockchain.

Sphere 10 is also actively developing NPascalCoin a C# implementation of PascalCoin.